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George Lyward Finchden Manor Saved My life
Article for The Times about George Lyward, founder of Finchden Manor therapeutic community. External site: finchden.com
Saving Lives With A Second Chance A Second Chance For Young Offenders
Another piece about Finchden Manor and young offenders, published in The Guardian, Aug 2005. Opens in new window.
Article in The Independent Not Glad To Be Gay?
Article for The Independent. "No-one ever stopped being homosexual by sleeping with a member of the opposite sex." Discuss. External site: bothways.com
Elvis Presley The Future of Music
"The Next Elvis Needn't Bother With A Recording Contract". Article for The Times (pre MySpace) in May 2004. Opens in new window
  Garageband Article Garageband
Review for Macworld Magazine of the multitrack recording software that comes free with all Apple computers. Opens in new window.
The Guardian The Guardian
Various columns: Radio Diary (2003) - Face The Music (2002) - Letter to Tessa (2001) - Call that fair? (1999) - Werner leaves the DDR (1990)
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