click to enlarge image Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay was performed by the Tom Robinson Band and released on a a live EP called Rising Free in early 1978. It reached No.18 in the UK charts despite an unofficial ban on the song by the BBC - John Peel was the only Radio 1 DJ who ever played it at the time. Click here for an MP3 extract from this version, click here for the lyrics. Danny, Dolphin and Mark - were not gay, but we all played at gigs and rallies in support of gay equality as well as for Rock Against Racism, Amnesty and other progressive causes.
Pic by Jill Furmanovsky After Glad To Be Gay was a hit, the one thing people thought they knew about me - if they'd heard of Tom Robinson at all - was that I was gay. Actually my early interviews for NME and Melody Maker mentioned having had experiences with women as well as men. I called myself "gay" because "bisexual" seemed a bit of a cop-out. But by 1986 I was in love with a woman and again mentioned this openly in interviews. Two years later the Sunday People found out & a brief period in tabloid hell ensued.
click to enlarge image From Peter Tatchell's website: "In the 1970s and '80s, Tom Robinson was one of the most famous gay men in Britain. His hit song "Glad To Be Gay" was, for over a decade, the de facto gay national anthem. Then Tom fell in love with Sue Brearley! ...Tom Robinson has behaved rather commendably, in my view. Ever since the beginning of his relationship with Sue, he has continued to describe himself as "a gay man who happens to be in love with a woman". Who could quarrel with that? /more
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