What we can do UK Demo details Demonstrate Iran - think it won't happen again? Think again: lists ways of making your voice heard against the actions of our own government.
Reasons Not To Attack Iraq Remember why George Bush Snr thought attacking Iraq and removing Saddam was too dangerous to attempt. Original interview now removed from Time magazine's website.
John Le Carré in THE TIMES Read "America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is worse than McCarthyism, the Bay of Pigs and potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War..."
Imran Khan Think "People blow themselves up only when a volcano of hopelessness - of ever getting those freedoms and rights for themselves and their children - explodes within them."
See pictures from Britain's biggest ever anti-war demonstrations on Saturday 22 March 2002 - the weekend war broke out.
  Warblogs:cc Read a wide variety of news and views from the time of the war: a birds-eye view of Gulf War II, the American government and of present civil liberties issues in the USA.
click for poster Ridicule
Courtesy of MAD Magazine - the spoof Star Wars poster - too true to be all that funny.
Lyrics to sing Sing Alternative lyrics to "If you're happy & you know it" - ideal for schools, churches, scout camps, pub karaoke and family gatherings - as well as demonstrations & picket lines.
Email Tony Blair Give Oxfam’s work in Iraq is carried through partner organisations inside the country, strengthening the capacity of Iraqi civil society organisations and meeting the needs of vulnerable people in Al Anbar province.
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