Favourite stuff from the web - funny, useful, dumb or serious
Khmer Mekong Films Matthew Robinson
My brother Matthew runs Khmer Mekong Films in Cambodia. Also see Matt's blog, poetry pages, Wikipedia entry, first film, and 1998 interview as producer of EastEnders
Totoro waiting for the Cat Bus Totoro waiting for the Cat Bus
My favourite three and a half minutes of animated film, ever. Lunatic surrealism, oh so gently understated by Hayao Miyazaki in his 1988 movie My Neighbour Totoro.
Stop Torture campaign Amnesty International
The chance to make a small difference to the sum total of brutality and misery in the world. (external link).
Facebook In Real Life Facebook In Real Life
Why deleting your Facebook account might be a good idea. But it's harder than you might think. Wikihowinstructions can be found here
Falling Tree Radio Falling Tree Radio
Multiple award-winning radio producer Alan Hall and associates. Includes audio extracts from programmes. (external link).
  Urban75 Urban75 Magazine
UK ezine: direct action, rave, drugs, photos, bulletin boards, games & more. Strictly non-profit - no banners, no tie-ins, no ads, nothing... Tons of fun (external link).
Computer Error Haiku Computer Error Haiku
Sonyhave replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft error messages with their own Japanese haiku poetry. With acknowledgement to
Maurice Charlton: sayings Maurice Charlton: sayings
Observations and quotations of Dr Maurice Charlton (1926-1994) sometime Scholar of New College, and Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford. .
Peres Centre For Peace Peres Centre For Peace
The Peres Center for Peace is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of peace in the Middle East (external link).
Man with Big Cock Man with Big Cock
This picture is pretty hard to believe - it must be the result of trick photography or digital re-editing or something. By far the most-visited page on this site, for some reason.
TV Smith T.V. Smith
Fascinating tour diaries and raw passionate music from my good friend and punk-era contemporary T.V. Smith, former lead singer with The Adverts. (external link).
Rusty Is A Homosexual Rusty Is A Homosexual
Once there was a boy named Rusty. He was 9 years old.
Rusty had a dog named Patches. Patches slept in a doghouse beneath Rusty's bedroom window (external link).
Hereward Kaye Hereward Kaye
Old friend, co-founder and main songwriter of Cafe Society, playwright, musical director,longserving member of the Flying Pickets. and founder of Rokskool (external links).
Steven Appleby cartoon Steven Appleby
Well, it made me laugh, anyway.
Introducing The Book Introducing The Book
Already a YouTube classic; this version of the helpdesk spoof is at decent quality and includes the gag about the manual at the end.
The Lee griffiths The Lee Griffiths
Good friend, great bloke, fine songwriter and astonishing singer Lee Griffiths has his own site with videos, interviews and free downloads. Also see Lee's MySpace page.
Her Majesty The Queen Banknote Fun
More childish family fun for odd bored moments - making the Queen smile or frown. Works with £5, £10 and £20. (If you've ever tried this on a £50 you have too much time & money on your hands...)
Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah
The pages of a poet, author, broadcaster, campaigner, actor, recording artist and fine human being - brimming with great writing and unflinching truth. (external link).
Map of Ugley Ugley
Pretty village, shame about the name. Sorry - it's infantile I know -but I simply had to head out to the wilds of north Essex and take a few pix. And it did make me laugh.
Hamell On Trial Hamell On Trial
Just the most astonishing, blinding, one-man-show on earth. Great guitar playing, machine gun pace lyrics, sublime songs and very, very funny (external link).
Stop The War links Campaign
Links and resources relating to the Iraq occupation and the anti-war movement.
No Smoking Notice No Smoking
Touring musicians get to see a lot of mindless graffiti in a lot of dressing rooms over the years. However this notice, in the dressing room at Fibbers in York, cheered me up no end.
Mona Lisa Mona Lisa
And so did this...
The Brick Testament The Brick Testament
Bible stories entirely illustrated with LEGO building blocks. Although some believe it's divinely inspired, site created by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith. (external link).
Starbucks Logo Starbucks Logo
All you need for several minutes of puerile fun is a dark green felt tip pen plus a secondhand Starbucks coffee beaker. Unsuitable as a family activity.
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