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War Baby: Hope & Glory (1984)
produced by ROBIN MILLAR and TR

1. Murder At The End Of The Day
2. Prison
3. Ricky Don't Lose That Number
4. Looking For A Bonfire
5. Old Friend
6. War Baby
7. Atmospherics:Listen To The Radio (cowritten with Peter Gabriel)
8. Cabin Boy
9. Blond And Blue
10. Hope And Glory
11. Back In The Old Country

12. Hell Yes
13. Begging You Baby
14. More Lives Than One
15. Blond And Blue (alternative version)
16. Prison (1985 single version)
17. Looking For A Bonfire (alternative version)
18. War Baby (12" version)
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Still Loving You (1987)
produced by TR

1. Feel So Good/Hurt So Bad
2. Nothing Like the Real Thing
3. Still Loving You
4. Take Me Home Again
5. You Tattooed Me
6. Drive All Night
7. Living in a Love Town
8. Spain
9. This Little Romance
10. The Wedding

11. A Song For You
12. Real Thing (jazz version)
13. Northern Rain (written By Hereward K)
14. The Saturday Disco
15. Change (Feel So Good)
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Love Over Rage (1994)
produced by AL SCOTT

1. Roaring Days
2. Hard
3. Loved By You
4. Days That Changed The World
5. That Driving Seat
6. Green Green Green
7. Living In The DDR
8. Fifty
9. Can't Stand The Silence
10. If I Had My Chance
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Having It Both Ways (1996)
produced by AL SCOTT

1. Disrespect
2. The One
3. Rum Thunderbird
4. Cold Cold Ground
5. Fool To Myself
6. Hot Dog
7. Sorry
8. Connecticut
9. Congo Blue
10. Castaway
11. The Last Word
Faith, Folk & Anarchy website Steve Knightley, Tom Robinson & Martyn Joseph
Faith, Folk & Anarchy (2002)

A one-off band project: free album download available from FFA website.
or preview tracks on the Faith Folk & Anarchy MySpace Page.

1) Thin Green Line (Sung By Tom)
2) I've Got Faith In You (Sung By Steve)
3) Wake Me Up (Sung By Martyn)
4) Killing Fields (Sung By Tom)
5) You Tattoed Me (Sung By Steve)
6) Strange Way (Sung By Martyn)
7) Cold Heart Of England (Sung By Tom)
8) I Will Follow (Sung By Steve)
9) The Flood (Sung By Martyn)
10) Please Sir (Sung By Tom)
11) Are We Alright (Sung By Steve)
12) War Baby (Sung By Martyn & Steve)

Live Recordings: Flanders 1998

In the late seventies Tom Robinson briefly conquered half the civilised world. As Britain's punk rockers spat and kicked their way onto the global stage, a second generation of songsters followed in their slipstream - the likes of Nick Lowe, Ian Dury, Elvis Costello and Tom Robinson. They weren't dripping with chains or bristling with safety pins. They had clean hair and ate their greens. But they too had axes to grind, and shared much of Punk's rage against social injustice: movements like Rock Against Racism knew no musical boundaries. Tom Robinson himself was famously homosexual. 'Sing if you're glad to be gay' he bawled - and England's stiff upper lip quivered.

Today he has an attractive wife, a couple of kids (and wryly called his last album "Having It Both Ways")... But for two decades the other great love of his life seems to have been the flat fields and bittersweet history of Flanders. 'Still Loving You' (1986) relates tales of heartbreak in Old Antwerp, drug smugglers in Bruges and the lowlife of Brussels. A world of frozen canals, De Koninck beer, handsome men and wicked women. To this day, Robinson remains infatuated with this place and its people. And our people - long after New Wave and Cold Wave, Britpop and Grunge have been and gone elsewhere - remain equally keen on Tom Robinson.

And that's why Robinson throws free parties in Belgium for his friends and fans across Europe every year. That's why on CD ONE you'll hear kids, wrinklies and thirtysomethings in their hundreds - French, Dutch, German and even English speakers among them - rubbing shoulders and singing along.

In fact you should take a listen right now - and hear for yourself

Adapted from original
sleevenotes in Dutch by
Antwerp 1999

Tom Robinson
Home From Home (1999)
CD ONE (Live in Flanders: duo gig with ADAM PHILLIPS):

1. Living In A Boom Time
2. You Tattooed Me (piano tango version)
3. Spain
4. (spoken intro)
5. July 13th 1985
6. (spoken intro)
7. Les Bourgeois
8. (intro)
9. Tango An Der Wand
10. (spoken story about Caruso)
11. Sorrento
12. War Baby
13. Glad To Be Gay '98
14. (intro)
15. Rum Thunderbird
16. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
17. (intro)
18. The Frozen Man (sung by Adam Phillips)
19. Hard
20. Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio

Live Recordings: Japan 1996

I really hadn't wanted to go to Japan that first time in 1979. The Tom Robinson Band were falling apart around me: two of the four original members had left and been replaced, and all I really wanted to do right then was sit at home and try to pick up the pieces. Luckily, the tour went ahead. Nothing had prepared me for Japan - the superefficient roadcrews, the extraordinary generosity of fans and the novel sensation of being literally mobbed by admirers. Then there were the cities, the Bullet Trains, the countryside, the food, the culture, the language, the history... I was entranced.

TRB's 15 minutes of celebrity in Japan quickly came to an end. On my next visit in 1981 (with Cosmetics ) I played a month of tiny club dates around the country: 28 shows in 27 days. By the end of the tour, fans were arriving nightly with dozens of different throat medicines for my ruined voice. But we saw the country and met people in a way that had been impossible amid the trappings of celebrity - besieged in hotels and tour buses.

I returned to Japan for concerts in 1987, 1993, and 1995. Then a fax arrived in 1996 inviting my band to play in Tokyo and Osaka as special guests of punk stars The High Lows. We drank together, ate and hung out together, rehearsed and jammed on stage together as if we'd know each other all our lives. This album, recorded at those shows, is dedicated to the High Lows' members, management and audiences for their friendship and hospitality.

London, 1999

Tom Robinson + Band
Home From Home (1999)
CD TWO (Live in Japan: band gig with Adam Phillips, Andy Treacey and Jo Burt):

1. Not Ready
2. Rigging it up Duncannon
3. (intro)
4. Rum Thunderbird
5. The One
6. Connecticut
7. (intro)
8. Glad to be Gay '96
9. Too Good to be True
10. (intro)
11. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
12. (intro)
13. Grey Cortina
14. Living in a Boom Time

Recordings: Ireland 1992
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Living In A Boom Time (1992)
Live in Ireland: solo

1. Intro: Folk Song
2. Living In A Boom Time
3. Blood Brother
4. More Lives Than One
5. Yuppy Scum
6. My Own Sweet Way
7. Castle Island
8. Rigging It Up, Duncannon
9. The Brits Come Rolling Back
10. War Baby '92
11. Back in the Ould Country

Recordings: Eton College 1994
Live At Eton 2005 Tom Robinson
Live At Eton College ("Loved" EP, 1994)

1. Fifty
2. Yuppy Scum
3. Glad To Be Gay

Bonus track:
4. War Baby (live duo version with Mark Ramsden on sax, 1982)
recorded at a Gay Switchboard benefit concert at Albany Empire in London, end of 1982... From the live recording of that show "Coming Out, Ready Or Not", produced by Eric Presland. The song was still unrecorded so nobody in the audience had heard it before.

Recordings: Radio One 1980
Sector 27 live Sector 27
live concert recording for BBC Radio One, 5 November 1980
TR vocals, gtr; Jo Burt bass, vocals; Stevie B. lead guitar, vocals; Derek Quinton drums.
With thanks to Mick Sheeran who made this recording from FM Radio at the time

1. One Fine Day
2. Bully For You
3. Invitation
4. Where Can We Go Tonight
5. Can't Keep Away
6. Not Ready

Recordings: Gay Pride Week 1979
Cabaret 79 Album
Recorded at a series of Gay Pride shows in 1979 marking the 10th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Four bonus tracks: a rare indie single 'Glad To Be Gay Part I' (renamed here 'Good To Be Gay'). Also a live cover of Carlton Edwards' AIDS classic 'Last Rites' and the 1997 version of 'Glad To Be Gay' by the present TR band, with updated lyrics.

01) Pub Hassle
02) Coldharbour Lane
03) Baby You're An Angel
04) Glad To Be Gay 79
05) Stand Together
06) Truce
07) Closing A Door
08) 1967 So Long Ago
09) Even Steven
10) Sartorial Eloquence
11) Mad About The Boy
12) Easy Street
13) Good To Be Gay
14) Glad To Be Gay 97
15) Last Rites
16) Gay Switchboard Jingle
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