Home Truths


Home Truths was conceived primarily as a vehicle for John Peel and for a year after his death it continued with a roster of guest presenters including myself. Between 2004-2005 I presented twelve programmes as guest presenter - which was both a great honour and huge fun to do. These shows can still be heard archived on the BBC Website as RealAudio streams. To listen to a programme, click on the date.

- Saturday 11th December 2004
- Saturday 18th December 2004
- Saturday 31st January 2005
- Saturday 5th February 2005
- Saturday 19th March 2005
- Saturday 26th March 2005
- Saturday 2nd April 2005
- Saturday 9th April 2005
- Saturday 8th October 2005
- Saturday 15th October 2005
- Saturday 22nd October 2005 (Peel Tribute programme)
- Saturday 29th October 2005

David Stafford became the fulltime host of Home Truths for its final 6 months, and the programme finally came to an end in June 2006. For the time being, there's still a BBC Home Truths web page with information about the show, links to various Peel tributes, and where every edition since early 2002 is archived via the "Listen Again" link. John's own last broadcast for the programme on 16 October 2004 can be heard here.


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