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MELODY MAKER August 1984
Tom Robinson at the Assembly Rooms
by Bob Flynn

THE stage set is a garage in East Falkland and the band are dressed in dungarees and boiler suits. What's this? A rerun of "Uptown Girl"? All becomes clear as the show proceeds and the common theme of the tragic joke of the Falklands war and the frightening hysteria it produced unfolds through a set of strong, classy, Robinson songs.

Tom looks and sounds much more relaxed here, away from the rock ideal of concert halls and clubs, swinging well into cabaret. Songs from the new album are sombre and convincing on first hearing while "I'd Like To Be Your Cabin Boy" has the whole band in a prancing dance.

"Back In The Old Country" and "Atmospherics" are delivered with a power and humour by two backing singers and a reshuffled band, while Robinson shows that his strength is now one of humour and dark perception.

A motorway sign is revealed and shows the Port Stanley airport extending to Land's End (a disturbing joke which sums up the whole scenario) before "2468 Motorway" and "War Baby" brings a successful night of theatrics and rock to a close.

Any doubts as to TR's wit and talent were dispelled by this set - he's now completed his personal and commercial renaissance. Edinburgh's got two weeks of him and should count itself damn lucky.

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