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  How to send CDs to radio How to send CDs to radio
Examples of how record companies and professional pluggers send out advance "white label" copies of their new releases to radio stations
How to save your singing voice How to save your singing voice
A hundred quid's worth of advice from a Harley Street voice specialist, yours for free. Also how, now & then, the drugs do work... From Guardian Cif blog (opens in new window)
Oblique Strategies Oblique Strategies
An online version of Brian Eno's famous oracle system - an inspirational set of "creative dilemmas" first pioneered with the late Peter Schmidt.
Apple Garageband Apple Garageband
It's thirty years since I started making music for a living and - trust me - here's never been anything quite like GarageBand.
List Prioritiser for Mac OS List Prioritiser for Mac OS
Spend time on what NEEDS doing, instead of small unimportant tasks. However big your to-do list is, James Laming's brilliant shareware app will rearrange it in order of importance.
The Digital Audio Company CD pressing
Getting your CDs pressed can be a nightmare. These folks provided us with an expert, friendly service at competitive rates. And no, they didn't pay me anything to say so.
Old Barn Audio Old Barn Audio
PA hire and audio installation company based in South East of England Kent who provided sound services for my 2007 Castaway Party in London.
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