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Co-writers, Producers & Guests 1973-2002

Peter Blegvad: guest guitarist on "End Of The Rainbow"

record producers... Al Scott:
producer, TR solo albums 1994-6

Sam Brown: guest vocalist on "Blood Brother" album

external web link to TV's web site T.V. Smith: concert guest & co-writer since 1992

Ray Davies Ray Davies:
producer, Café Society 1975

Stiff Little Fingers: special guests on 1978 TRB tour

External web link to Peter's web sitePeter Gabriel: co-writer "Bully For You" & "Atmospherics"

Chris Thomas:
producer, TRB album 1978

Alan Ginsberg: guest at 1979 New York Pride concert

friends and collaborators Elton John: TR co-wrote songs on "The Fox" & "21 at 33"

Junior Giscombe: guest vocals on "Still Loving You" album

Mick Jones: jam guest with TRB 1977

John Wesley Harding: TR produced several early recordings

Paul Jones: guest harmonica on "Cabin Boy" & others

Dan Hartman: co-writer "Kiss & Roll Over" & "Tomboy"

Martyn Joseph: cowriter & touring partner

Alex Harvey: guest at 1979 RAR show with TRB

Manu Katché: TR cowrote lyrics on solo album

Steve Hillage: fellow jammer with TR & PG 1978-9

Nigel Kennedy Nigel Kennedy: guest at Edinburgh Fringe 1991

Marsha Hunt: guest vocals on "Atmospherics"

Alexis Korner: first friend & mentor in the music business

Miles Hunt: guest at 1998/9 Castaway Party in London

Levellers: Simon & Jeremy guests on "Both Ways" album

external web link to Jakko's web site Jakko Jakszyk: co-writer, producer "Blood Brother"

Steve Lillywhite Steve Lillywhite:
producer, Sector 27 album 1980

Chas Jankel Chas Jankel: guest piano on "Nothing Like Real Thing"

Alison Limerick: TR & Crew backing vocals 1984-5

Neeka: co-headlined Theatre tour in Flanders 2001

The Manfreds: TR was guest member for one 1996 show

Chris Rea: guest guitarist on "Love Over Rage"

Glen Matlock: jam guest with TRB 1977

Mark Ramsden Mark Ramsden: sax star guest on "War Baby" & radical author

record producers... Richard Mazda:
producer, TR solo album 1982

Todd Rundgren:
producer, TRB album 1979

Robin Millar Robin Millar:
producer, TR solo album 1984

Friends, Crew and Band Members

Cafe Society Cafe Society:
first professional band 1973-76

Frank Collins: TR & Crew backing vocals (& bass) 1984-6

history and pictures TRB: the original Tom Robinson Band 1977-79

Mark Dyde: road manager since 1998

Sector 27 Sector 27: third band 1979-81

Tom Fenner: drummer on "Having It Both Ways"

Adam Phillips: main guitarist & co- writer since 1994

Paul Harvey: gtr & co-writer on"Still Loving You"

click to see Andy's CV Andy Treacey: main drummer since 1996

Steve Laurie Steve Laurie: TR & Crew drms & mainman 1982-8

Peter Acock: TR & Crew sax player & MD 1984-6

Maxime Lenssens Maxime Lenssens: top Brussels drummer -TR band Europe, 2001

Colin Baldry: TR band bassist 1984-6

Clive Mulcahy: TR & Crew guitarist 1984-5

Winston Blissett: main TR bassist 1986-94

Ebo Ross: TR & Crew backing vocals (& bass) 1982-7

Tim Bradshaw: TR Band keyboards 1994-5

Glynn Wood: main live sound engineer 1982-99

Jo Burt: Sector 27 mainman + bass in recent bands